Our teams

Our diverse teams work together to help make Leeds the best city in the UK to live, visit and work in. 

Whatever your team and role, you’ll be part of supporting the council to achieve this ambition. And we’ll support you to build a rewarding career and feel respected and valued at work too.  

Explore our teams to find out what the different areas of the council are responsible for and the types of roles that sit within them.

Adults and Health

We co-ordinate public health activity and social support across the city.

Children and Families

We provide a range of services to keep children and families in Leeds safe, happy and healthy.

Civic Enterprise Leeds

We provide a range of business services for the council and other organisations such as catering, fleet management and cleaning.

City Development

We’re responsible for shaping the future of the city, making it a great place to live and ensuring it thrives economically and culturally.

Strategy and Resources

We’re responsible for a range of professional support services that help the council run smoothly including HR, IT and finance.

Communities Housing and Environment

We’re responsible for a range of community based services in Leeds such as our parks, libraries, and waste disposal.