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Leeds is a vibrant, contemporary city situated in the heart of the UK. From world class theatres, a thriving shopping scene and two of the UK's leading universities – there's so much to experience. As the largest city in the north, we're proud of our city's rich, cultural heritage. Not forgetting our famous friendly Yorkshire welcome!

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Being open, honest and trusted – that's what our council is built on. With people at the heart, our aim is to recruit and develop talented individuals who are committed to making a difference to our communities, who treat people fairly and who are focused on finding better ways of doing things.

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For us, our strength lies in our people. We've built an inclusive and innovative place to work, where everyone feels valued and welcome – no matter who they are and where they come from. What are you waiting for? Come and join the Leeds family.

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We're committed to creating an environment that promotes healthy lifestyle choices. We offer our people a host of generous benefits, including flexible working, to meet our ambition of being an enterprising and healthy organisation.

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We have a variety of opportunities available for everyone, from our wide ranging job vacancies to our apprenticeship scheme, graduate programme and volunteering opportunities.

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Work with Leeds City Council

View the full descriptive text transcript for our video titled 'Work with Leeds City Council'

[Image of Leeds City Centre skyline. Leeds City Council logo appears followed by the words ‘Join our team’. Tom Riordan, Chief executive appears on screen and begins to speak. He sits in front of a white wall and is dressed in a blue suit jacket, white shirt and a rainbow lanyard.]

“Leeds is a fantastic city. It's growing fast. [Video shows orange sky with a sunrise] Working for the council you can be right at the heart of shaping the future of a great northern city. [Video shows three Leeds City Council waste and recycling employees, all male, wearing orange hi-vis jackets and planning for the shift ahead. A waste collection lorry pulls away. The sky is still dark, it is clearly early. Video cuts back to Tom] Everybody has a voice in this organisation, and we get things done and we make the city better by doing so.

[Various short clips show one man opening his locker, a second man dunking a biscuit in to a cup of tea and a female in an orange Leeds City Council fleece signing in for her shift. Video cuts to Hughin, an environmental health officer, male, who begins to speak. He sits in front of a window with trees visible outside] Working for Leeds City Council offers a very flexible working schedule, so you know I get a good life and work balance. There's a lot of support as well in terms of just you know daily needs. What makes me proud about working for Leeds City Council is, you know, being part of something bigger, being part of a good organization that works to protect the environment and improve the public health in Leeds. [Video shows Hughin working outside using an air quality monitor that measures the level of common air pollutants.]

[Video shows Michal, IT team leader, male who is talking to the camera from an office at Merrion House. A brief clip shows Michal’s colleagues working at desks] What attracted me to apply for a job within Leeds City Council was the development opportunities. I started as a service desk I.T assistant and made my way up through different teams within service centres. I also work with assistive technology so we provide technical support for people with different disabilities and that's something that I was always excited about. [Clip shows a Leeds City Council employee walking through the office assistant by a guide dog.] It's very important to us to help those people in need as well as, you know, everybody else in the council who is facing the customers.

[Video introduces Julia, a female care support worker speaking to the camera. We then briefly see her smiling and talking to a colleague.] I feel I benefited from working within Leeds City Council I think that we do bring a benefit to people and the people that we support because we help them gain their independence. [We see another female Leeds City Council colleague walking down a corridor with a trolley carrying drinks. She wears a mask. Camera cuts back to Julia.] That makes me really proud to see that we can help people achieve that.

[Camera cuts back to Tom Riordan] Leeds is a great place to work the council itself has great employee benefits competitive pay and I think as importantly a culture where you'll be really welcomed. [Video shows a female keeper enter the meerkat enclosure at Tropical World to feed two meerkats. One meerkat climbs on to the keeper’s chest in a bid to get to the food she is holding. Video cuts back to Tom briefly, followed by a few short clips showing a male and female walking through an office, smiling, and two males walking through Civic Hall chatting and a female sat at her computer speaking in a virtual meeting. Camera cuts back to Tom.] You are, you know, we're very keen to embrace all the diversity that we have in our wonderful city and we want to bring your experience your talent and your voice to the great team Leeds that is working to make the great city of Leeds a better place and you'll be part of something bigger. [Short clips show a female Leeds City Council employee cleaning desks and tables, and a male Leeds City Council employee opening the door of a van and getting in the drivers seat.]

[Video shows Ben, IT team leader, male. He is sat in a booth in an office. Colleagues working at computers can be seen behind him.] I'm from Leeds so I grew up here I lived here all my life and I just wanted to be part of something a bit bigger. [Short clips show Leeds City Council catering staff preparing food. They all wear hairnets or hats to cover their hair as they work. Video cuts back to Ben]. Part of the organization to help out the people that also live and grew up in Leeds. Everyone who works for the council are here for the same reasons, to help other people. It's a very different place to work than say retail because we're not here for profit we're here to help the citizens of Leeds I think that attracts a certain type of person I'm proud to be part of it.

[Video introduces Ellen, a social worker, female. She is sat in front of a window with high rise buildings visible in the background.] When I started I started as a social work assistant and and going through the apprentice course and now I’m a qualified social worker. [Video shows another female social worker entering ‘Community Room 2’. She begins to tidy some of the toys on the floor. Camera cuts back to Ellen.]

[Video shows a male engineer working on a fuse box, wearing black protective gloves, followed by two engineers wearing orange Leeds City Council hi-vis vests talking to each other. Video then introduces Ahmad, a senior highways engineer, who is stood outdoors by a road.]

The best thing about my job is making a difference in people's lives supporting families and supporting all our young people work with to achieve the best possible outcomes and live a fulfilling life. What's really good about the city council as well is they've got these very good ambitions by being the best city in the UK so I knew I'd be joining an organization that has very good established values and principles. [Clips show a Leeds City Council worker wearing a hi-vis jacket and yellow hard hat talking to another man wearing a black woollen hat and black jacket. They are stood on a closed road where highway maintenance work is taking place. Cuts back to Ahmad.] But what I enjoy the most is seeing so many different highways schemes that I've been involved in from the beginning all the way to full delivery and implementation where you can see the benefit to the wider community.

[Video introduces Stephen, parks and countryside manager, male] We achieve maintenance of the parks and countryside fleet grass cutting machinery. [Video shows male Leeds City Council employee stood outside using grass shears to trip the edges of an area of grass. Cuts back to Stephen.] This allows the maintenance of all the green spaces within Leeds. I think the benefits of working here are the sense of community, good pensions. It's great to be part of something bigger. [Video shows hundreds of plants growing then shows an entrance sign saying ‘The Arium. Leeds parks nursery. Learn, grow, play, shop, eat, relax. Video cuts to Sarah, bereavement services officer, female, who is standing in front of a brick archway. The walls are covered in memorial plaques.]

I was attracted to come and work with Leeds City Council because I saw it as an opportunity to help people because ultimately when someone's bereaved they're at like one of the hardest stages of their life so that's the main reason that I do my role. [Video shows Sarah stood talking to another female outdoors. Briefly cuts back to Sarah, then video shows a picturesque Roundhay Park. There is water running through the park with a water fountain shooting water high in the centre. Cuts back to Sarah]. So my team here they are amazing it's almost like a family.

[Video cuts back to Tom] Whoever you are whatever your background you are massively welcome in this organization. [Video shows Leeds Town Hall in the sunshine. The building is grand and fills the screen. Stone pillars run along the front and there is a clock tower in the centre. A pride flag is flying on the building. Video then shows Leeds Civic Hall, another grand building adorned by two gold owls at the front and a gold clock on the right hand side.] We're a fantastically diverse city we want to celebrate that diversity we want to make sure that we're here for everybody Leeds city council. It's a great place to work.

[Video briefly shows Leeds city centre buildings and the words ‘Be part of something bigger’ appear on screen above the council logo.] Video ends.

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