Earn while you learn, with Leeds' biggest employer

Currently ranked in the top 50 apprenticeship employers, we're proud to be a diverse organisation offering a range of apprenticeships across the city.

If you want to make a positive impact with the communities of Leeds, while gaining work experience with skilled teams, then our apprenticeships are for you.

I see an apprenticeship as being like the gateway to a career. It’s a great way to gain new skills while physically doing the job. It’s also an ongoing progressive thing if you want it to be, you don’t have to stop at the first level.

— Jamie, Level 3 Horticulture apprentice

What we offer

Apprenticeships combine practical training in a job, alongside studies. This is important for both you and the council, as it can help develop your work related skills, while helping us to build a better workforce for the future.

Your wellbeing

  • opportunity to access buddy and mentor support
  • access to an ambassador and an early careers network
  • take part in a diverse range of staff networks

Your work

  • gain mentoring support from experienced staff
  • develop professional skills
  • study towards a job related qualification

Your money and finances

  • competitive salary and benefits
  • access to the Local Government Pension Scheme
  • enjoy many discounts, such as cycle to work schemes
  • receive childcare vouchers
  • get an NUS Apprenticeship Extra Card (if aged between 16 and 18 years old)

The support from my manager and mentor during my apprenticeship have helped to develop my confidence in my role.

— Aneesa, Level 2 Customer Service apprentice

Types of role

We have apprenticeships in lots of areas across the council, including:

  • business administration
  • childcare
  • customer services
  • finance, including accountancy
  • health and care
  • highways, including civil engineering
  • horticulture
  • housing
  • ICT, including Microsoft
  • leadership and management
  • sport
  • trades including electrical, joinery, painting and decorating, plastering and plumbing
  • other degree apprenticeships available

What team Leeds say

The video below includes interviews with people who have completed an apprenticeship with Leeds City Council, talking about their experiences.

Transcript of the video

Title slide: “Leeds City Council Apprenticeships”

Question appears on screen: “Why an Apprenticeship with Leeds City Council?”

Sophie, Business Administration Apprentice “I knew I wanted to do an apprenticeship. I’ve always wanted to be able to earn money whilst learning at the same time”

Connor, Finance Apprentice “With it being a massive public sector organisation and the sort of job security that comes with that”

Jessica, Childcare Apprentice “I think I just heard a lot of good things about working for the Council”

Jamie, Horticulture Apprentice “I really see it as being like the gateway to a career”

Julie, Housing Apprentice “With it being the second biggest employer in Leeds, I just thought the opportunities would be good”

Aneesa, Customer Service Apprentice “I think the aspect of working but also doing the College side of it as well”

George, Highways Apprentice “An apprenticeship will further my education”

Celeste, Housing Apprentice “It’s the fact I was looking for a career, not just another job”

Question appears on screen: “What support have you had during your apprenticeship?”

Kiera, Business Administration Apprentice “I think the main thing I got out of it was a support network. It was like a really nice welcome to the workplace”

Duncan, Vehicle Maintenance Apprentice “I’ve had a mentor who’s been supporting me throughout my apprenticeship. He’s been working with me, making sure I understand”

Vicky, Catering Apprentice “If we need any support from our managers, they’re always there, always offering support if we need it”

Andy, Civil Engineering Apprentice “Having a great team behind me to help me, or my managers and the staff that I’m working with”

Jalia, Childcare Apprentice “That mentoring support from managers, line managers”

Reece, Civil Engineering Apprentice “There’s plenty of people around, especially in Leeds City Council in the team that we’re in who you can go to and ask for help”

Laura, Painting and Decorating Apprentice “Whenever I’ve needed help on anything there’s plenty of people to go to”

Text slides appear on screen:

Apprenticeships in broad range of career pathways

Apprenticeships from Level 2 to 7

Mentoring programme for apprentices

Flexible working options

Competitive salary and benefits

4 out of 5 apprentices stay with us to develop their career

Question appears on screen: “What would you advise others?”

Aneesa, Customer Service Apprentice “I’d definitely recommend an apprenticeship, especially somewhere as large as the Council”

Andy, Civil Engineering Apprentice “It’s diverse, there’s so many different people that work here”

Laura, Painting and Decorating Apprentice “I would advise personally to go for an apprenticeship because you’re learning and you’re getting paid for it”

Sophie, Business Administration Apprentice “It’s been one of the best experiences for me personally”

Jamie, Horticulture Apprentice “I think doing an apprenticeship is a great way to get the skills whilst physically doing the job”

Simon, Catering Apprentice “If I was someone that was wanting to progress a little bit further or just to learn something new, I would go for it”

Julie, Housing Apprentice “A really great opportunity, I wish I’d done it 15 years ago”

Katie, Business Administration Apprentice “There’s a lot more now that you can get through doing apprenticeships and you get the work experience as well at the same time”

Question appears on screen: “The future?”

Jalia, Childcare Apprentice “Once you’ve finished your apprenticeship, you’re still learning”

Reece, Civil Engineering Apprentice “There’s lots of opportunities being in Leeds City Council”

Katie, Business Administration Apprentice “A lot of doors are opened once you’ve done your apprenticeship and you do have the choice”

Julie, Housing Apprentice “I’m already planning next steps”

Jamie, Horticulture Apprentice “It’s an ongoing progressive thing if you want it to be, you don’t have to stop at the first level”

Celeste, Housing Apprentice “There’s opportunities to be able to join any of the teams in the future and it’s a really difficult choice”

Aneesa, Customer Service Apprentice “Since starting the apprenticeship I’d say that I’ve developed as a person”

Connor, Finance Apprentice “I’ve only got positive things to say”

Celeste, Housing Apprentice “The options are limitless”

Julie, Housing Apprentice “Going home at the end of the day knowing that you’ve helped somebody that day is really satisfying”

Closing slide:

Facebook page @LCCApprenticeshipProgramme



Find out if you’re eligible

If you're looking to start a career or develop new skills and want to earn while you learn, then come and join us!

To apply for an apprenticeship with the council, you will need to:

  • be aged 16 or over (there is no upper age limit)
  • be living in England
  • not be in full time education while doing an apprenticeship
  • be able to demonstrate our values and behaviours


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