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Welcome to Leeds City Council’s jobs site.

Please be aware that from Monday 20 January we are updating our Jobsite. As a result, vacancies on our current site with an end date of the 20th or after will be recreated on our new site. We would advise that applications for vacancies with online applications are submitted by 19 January. An email has been sent to all registered users with an explanation on how to save applications. No applicant data will be transferred to the new site for GDPR reasons.

Finding and applying for a job with Leeds City Council has never been faster or easier. You can search and access details of all our current vacancies, as well as apply online.

If you can’t find anything that matches your skills, you can register for job updates by email. That way you’ll be notified as soon as any suitable positions become advertised on the site.

We will be shortly moving to a new, improved recruitment system. All of your personal information and previous applications will be deleted. If you need to keep any of this information, please save a copy of it to your device as soon as possible.

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